Saturday, May 20, 2023


Provocative leadership along with creative workforce are all critical to build the right set of digital capabilities and improve business competency for the long run.

Information gets stale sooner than what you thought of, as more often than not, information technology is the major digital disruptor today, the purpose of business change and transformation is to leverage information to increase organizational agility, embed technologies into key business processes, to improve business capacity. 

Leading paradigm shift is not a passive activity, it takes provocative leadership and proactive initiatives to achieve high performance results smoothly.

Generate fresh ideas or solutions that we can be provocative, really intrinsically motivated about, and courageous enough to implement in new and unexpected ways: Information is growing exponentially, people have to be humble to realize that there are many things they know they don’t know and perhaps even more which they don't know what they don't know about. Creativity is at the edge of knowledge and imagination. Innovation in the workplace requires the deliberate creation of invaluable ideas when they are needed.

Knowledge is fundamental. But without the imagination to "believe in the art of the possible," perhaps there are not enough dots to connect for stimulating creativity. The higher the level at which we are engaged and stimulated to imagine, the more likely we can generate novel ideas. We have to be determined to get better results somehow and it will help to try unconventional understanding and synthesize all necessary thought blocks into fresh ideas.The powerful platforms and collaboration tools provide unprecedented opportunities for businesses to innovate by building intelligent processes to boost the organizational innovation capacity.

A provocative business-engaged executive is a trustful leader to run a proactive organization and keeps navigating during rough seas:
Forward-looking companies reach the inflection to transformative change which starts with the realization that where you can currently no longer reach the long-term vision due to limited business capacity, fierce competitions, or frequent disruptions. Be a thought-provocative leader to develop strong disciplines; be proactive, to build a comprehensive change agenda and have access to both internal and external resources to achieve the desired ROI.

Quite many companies get stagnated due to a highly dynamic business environment, they often miss the opportunities for business growth or lag the speed of the marketing change. They tended toward being reactive, not proactive. A provocative business-engaged executive as a change agent has an advanced mindset to accelerate change; has the right confidence to make an influence; has a comprehensive understanding of the very purpose to change; and has a series of solid steps to take for business transformation.

Incubate new entrepreneurial initiatives with a provocative attitude, and create links with a different set of individual cultures: Intrapreneurship is about creating a new venture within established organizations to leverage the startup culture for catalyzing changes. Intrapreneurship is about discovering the new path for business growth by taking entrepreneurship activities, reimagining the future via learning, experimenting, and discovering. Corporate Entrepreneurship has been recognized as a potentially viable means for promoting and sustaining organizational performance, cultivating a startup culture, renewing creative energy and corporate competitiveness.

Being entrepreneurial is first the mindset, then an attitude and skill sets to run a good business for generating customers and solving their problems. The entrepreneurial activities help companies develop new businesses that create revenue streams. Practicing intrapreneurship is about creating the future via learning, experimenting, and discovering. Enterprise should go smarter and flexible, with the right dose of risk tolerance and risk intelligence

Never before has business moved more quickly and missteps have larger trajectory impacts on every aspect of the business. Organizations need to keep growing, evolving. Building innovation capacity takes a dynamic planning and proactive management approach. It will be disappointing for those who wait until the last moment of some tactical tasks, and then expect innovation to be forthcoming magically but come up short of expectation. Provocative leadership along with creative workforce are all critical to build the right set of digital capabilities and improve business competency for the long run.


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