Sunday, May 28, 2023


Innovative organization or society is a dynamic ecological system with many attributes such as responsiveness, engagement, flexibility, innovativeness, resilience, and self-renewal, etc.

There is no doubt we are moving from a static and linear business world to a dynamic and hyper-connected, interdependent era, abundant information and advanced technologies bring unprecedented convenience to learn and work flexibly; directly impact the way we understand and experience the world. 

Forward-looking companies all strive to build a people-centric organization for reaching the state of flow and harmony.

Global efforts have gone into developing and promoting different means of communication, motivation, etc, in an endeavor to improve people engagement: Forethoughtful organizations strive to become people-centric. Let people explore where their energy is and then, align the energy to work at hand, and motivate them to think and do things innovatively. Motivational leaders are the means toward reconciling all the different factors toward a unifying and driving motivation but it isn't the only answer.

Successful management will inspire changes and align the individual’s professional goals with the strategic goal of the business, motivating people to achieve more, accelerate business performance and unlock collective potential.People can become motivated by two-way communications, listening and asking questions through the engagement process. When motivating people via seamless goal-driven alignment, they will be delighted to do the work because they have been listened to and understand why they are doing it, they are more engaged in the work and bring up the high-performance result.

It is important to build a set of principles and disciplines to discern the positive motivation and creative energy from the negative mentality behind the competition:
The purpose of competition is to inspire creative thinking, harness progress changes; so as leaders, you need to be more confident and conscious rather than threatened by growth minds and confident attitude. To be conscious is to be aware and engaged with both the inner world of thought, feeling, choice, and the exterior world of experience and relationship. It’s important to equip yourself with a positive mind, discern the good motivation from negative energy behind competition. Positive emotions such as passion, curiosity, etc, improve inner consciousness, enabling us to learn, share, and connect more dots for generating fresh ideas and harnessing innovation.

Innovation is encouraged based on a set of principles and practices. Motivate people to achieve more by evolving them from the platform of trust and respect that cascades from the top. It takes courage to get out of fear, release creative energy. So top management will have to create a culture of learning and innovation proactively, inspire transformative changes, strike the balance between leading and following, pushing and pulling, and build a great workplace in which creative energy can flow seamlessly. People are motivated to achieve high performance innovatively.

It becomes really insightful when people realize that different organizations want to spend more time on reaching different trajectories of growth or different plateaus of stability: It is important to understand that digital business development is multifaceted and it takes a collaboration effort to boost energy and enable organizations to thrive. Be aware of how changes to any part of the organizational system impact the other parts of the business and the whole. Investigating the different path for unleashing business potential needs to take a structural approach and develop it into a more solid form. Ensure the management understand that stability is not the same as stagnation, they need to break down silo mentality, enforce a balance cycle of process and change, learning & doing; solidity and fluidity, etc, and improve business coherence,

If you need to transform the business up to the next growth cycle, the management needs to take a holistic view, take the right dose of risk to catalyze innovation. Leading organizations strike the right balance of growth and stability, take a wide look around at what's going on inside the company & outside the organization, identify opportunities and threats, deal with emergent issues, try to build teams around business capabilities rather than functions. It requires the executives to coach the organization on how to resolve conflicts in favor of reaching the business objectives, and fine-tune critical success factors, for achieving the long term success of the business.

Innovative organization or society is a dynamic ecological system with many attributes such as responsiveness, engagement, flexibility, innovativeness, resilience, and self-renewal, etc. It requires us to develop empathy, apply rational or technical analysis, gain in-depth understanding of human nature, leverage workforce planning to improve business potentiality development, culture engagement, and performance optimization for producing high performance consistently.


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