Monday, May 29, 2023


 “What if” sparks -imagination, provokes insightful answers; stimulates thought-provoking arguments, inspires creative brainstorming …

he world is-

full of-

knowing known,

knowing unknown,

unknown unknown,

besides digging into “why,”

ask an open question of-

“what if”?

A visionary would ask -

“What If” -

we do things in a new way”;

'How can we make things better for the whole?'

Innovators ask -

“what if” to -

think “out of the box”;

clarify -

multipath problem-solving scenarios.

“What if” sparks -


provokes insightful answers;

stimulates thought-provoking arguments,

Inspires creative brainstorming …

Ask “what if” to-

explore choices;

you may not have -

all of the answers,

but you can remain -

confident, resilient,

your actions will be in-

the best interest of-

those involved,

advocate innovation,

inspire creativity, unimaginably.

Ask “what if” to-

unleash latent potential;

believe in ourselves

grow talent,

convince everyone else to-

believe in it,

as well.

If you do not direct -

gradual strides toward -

pursuing the deeper state of -

thoughts, understanding;

broadening perspective,

taking mindful actions,

you will never know-

what the substance can do for-

the potential of -

the livelihoods;

“What If”charms the world,


the “art of possible.”


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