Friday, May 19, 2023


It’s always important to learn constantly, filter out outdated perceptions, negative mentality, unconscious bias, and improve professional quality.

ven though people like to think they use objective information and explicit criteria for making judgment, in almost all cases they find out later there were unrecognized issues, hidden rules.

Every leader and professional needs to make an objective self-assessment: Am I a conventional thinker or an objective perceiver? Can I perceive accurately and make sound judgments most of the time? Can I capture fresh insights which help to navigate through changes smoothly?

Filter out conventional understanding: People all filter information differently based on their neurodiversity and experiences. So everyone has a different interpretation of what the problem is, therefore, staring at an unclear problem causes more problems later on. Do not always follow conventional wisdom, but become an independent and critical thinker, you can only know what you know, but there are more dimensions which you don’t know. It is amazing how you can work through arguments and filter through information when you stay cool-headed and share it with others to discover truth and make progress.

People need to focus on true understanding, finding a way of neutralizing differences via harnessing cross-functional communication and collaboration. The heterogeneous setting is important to eliminate unconscious bias and fill the blind spot, don't jump too quickly into solution mode, and make sure everyone is really clear on what the problem is. It’s important to leverage multidimensional thinking to overcome bias, develop perception intelligence to identify root causes and deal with complex worlds smoothly.

Filter out preconceived opinions: Each one of us has a limited cognitive threshold, pre-conceptual assumptions or unconscious bias is often caused by misperception or mislabeling. It's when a label carries negative connotations, and drives bipolar thinking that cause serious problems. Statistically, the majority of normal humans make their judgment based on intuition. Lack of quality information and collective insight cause misjudgment all the time, and stifle progression.

Assuming any inputs are incomplete from a holistic perspective and are filtered from the silo's view. It’s the willingness and ability to seek out new knowledge and fresh insight to address our ignorance. Do not always follow preconceived opinions. Challenging those who refer to their “gut” instincts often goes some way to revealing their unconscious bias. Continue updating knowledge and gain deep insight and empathy.

Filter out negative vibe:
Many organizations are not fertile ground for ideation, there is silo thinking, bureaucracy, and internal politics; the negative vibe surrounding their working environment, stifling innovation to a certain degree. People down the organization need to appreciate diverse viewpoints and they are encouraged to speak up with authentic voices.

As now with the abundance of information, the world has become overly complex, uncertain and ambiguous. It takes a lot of energy to break down old habits, outdated thought processes, get out of the comfort zone, etc, clarify the filtering logic to understand people or problems deeply. Insightful professionals can attract more people like them to work collaboratively; filter out negative vibe, improve professional capabilities based on their innate strengths, practice relative objectivity whenever possible, to improve professionalism, and unleash human potentiality.

In a world where change is significantly speeding up, business leaders couldn’t predict the future with a certain degree of accuracy, ambiguity is a new reality. It’s always important to learn constantly, filter out outdated perceptions, negative mentality, unconscious bias, and improve professional quality. The purpose of business transformation is to make a significant difference in the overall levels of business performance and organizational maturity.


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