Tuesday, May 23, 2023


Organizations have to embed digital across the organization, turn around, roll over, expand to every dimension of the company.

hange is happening at a more rapid pace. Business innovation is never for its own sake, it is always for something new and advancing, keep things rolling and continue the evolution. It means the removal of something old and familiar and rejuvenates creative energy. 

Predicting and preparing the next level of organizational growth is an iterative learning and doing continuum. If you keep learning, make innovation part of your routine, then change becomes a healthy habit to keep you moving forward collectively.

Rolling imagination into reality: Imagination sparks at the beginner’s mind; do not limit your imagination, let your imagination roll up, and reimagine the abundance of possibilities. Siloed or outdated knowledge is what leads to a decrease in imagination; Creative people enjoy experimenting and discovering; there’s no rule to limit their imagination. Imagination can be seen as helping one expand the initial idea and building a set of hypotheses about how the product of the idea will look like, and how the customers will react to the products or services.

Be proactive in creating the future and roll your imagination into reality. Our imagination lets us dream of where we could go, what we could achieve; knowledge helps us understand how and what forces we are dealing with such a change journey. Imagine what can be accomplished by increasing knowledge and applying it to what one has imagined. A disciplined imagination brings the potential solutions to bear on the problem in novel, elegant and improved ways.

Rolling change waves into transcendental phenomenon: Change is fragile and often temporary, it usually occurs at the behavior level. To continuously  innovate within organizations, individuals and groups need to connect and communicate more openly, effectively. It’s important to understand the psychology behind it and make a shift at the mindset level in order to have a ripple effect. Analogously, change waves are usually influenced by a range of factors such as speed, duration, and distance. They are also influenced by the width of the surrounding areas and the depth of the driving forces.

The questions regarding any large-scale transformation program include: do the senior leaders truly understand the time and impact on the organization and do they have the intestinal fortitude to hold up to corrections? Catch a holistic business perspective, give the freedom to employees to do anything new and even if it fails, they learn from it. Giving everyone a voice in how the organization and the people in it can prosper and thrive, encouraging healthy competition catalyzes innovation.

Rolling business opportunities into unique values of the business: We cannot predict anything beforehand but can imagine with many experiences involved in the present or in the past. As uncertainties are a common occurrence in any walk of our progress. When business is for people, uncertainty is an opportunity. Create opportunities by identifying business foresight and customer insight for discovering the growth potential of the organization.

Forethoughtful organizations can refine information to capture business foresight and customer insight, in order to seize the business growth opportunities and predict risks. Roll business opportunities into great value via integration of information and technology into business decisions and processes, to improve organizational effectiveness, agility, and resilience.

The collective human potential transcending into business competency is the greatest thing that the organization should ever invest in. The organizations have to embed digital across the organization, turn around, roll over, expand to every dimension of the company. Organizational management emphasizes on communication, participation, relationships, fuses innovation and catalyzes business growth and builds the long term organizational value proposition, renewing themselves periodically to achieve higher-than-expected business results consistently.


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