Friday, May 26, 2023


It is important to develop an open atmosphere with candid communication, fortify cross-functional coordination based on quality information, expertise, and responsibility.

Although the information is abundant and knowledge only clicks away, individuals or organizations need fresh insight to move faster because knowledge can be outdated sooner than what you thought of, and the business development cycle is significantly shortened. 

It’s very important for any high performing organization to get the best alignment and leverage the great human potential that exists or is needed to tap into the passion of the people and achieve great results coherently.

If we think, ponder deeply: Organizations are the mix of old and new, diversified people and dynamic business reality. Corporate leaders and professionals should learn how to apply a set of integrative thinking processes to deepen understanding of complexity interdisciplinarily. The thought does not precede the thinker, the thinker precedes the thought. The power of the mind is the constructive and creative force to drive progressive changes. The profound thoughts improve problem-solving effectiveness.

The diversity of thought is on demand, for boosting collective creativity and harnessing the world of wisdom; with the goal to lift up the spirit of the organization and our society. The right mind with multidimensional intelligence is the utmost quality for being the right fit. People with cognitive fit are astute strategists, insightful change agents, inspirational innovators, thoughtful customer champions. They can apply critical thinking to challenge conventional wisdom and bring up a new perspective for solving problems. They are able to make an influence via shaping other people's views or opinions towards their own views or perspectives, showing benevolent intention, enriched knowledge, and profound insight.

If we look, look further, and broadly: We see that all things and especially living creatures have numerous different needs and numerous different wants. And those wants and needs are provided for them at the appropriate time, or in unexpected ways, from places they do not know, their mind cannot think about, and their hands cannot reach. Look further, broadly, vision grows for those who learn to see and enter into the experience of perceptual connection with open minds and fresh eyes. It is important for building competitive teams with people who do not have the same view of the small part of the world so that they can complement each other’s viewpoints and close gaps in different perspectives.

The workforce today is multigenerational, multicultural, and multi-devicing and the digital workplaces are a melting pot of various diversity. We contemplate, reflect, learn, act, perceive, and our vision evolves and leads us to move forward cautiously. We usually see what we have accomplished is always less than our potential. We have to really dig beneath the superficial layer, see around the corner, be able to see beyond the obvious, and dig into the root cause of multiple issues, transcend knowledge into unique insight.

If we act, act step-wisely:
Change is the norm and happens the whole time. The bigger the change, the more important it is to take different parameters into account early rather than late. Change can be an opportunity, but at the end of the day, it needs to be all about moving us upward. Ponder deeper, focus forward, we are able to accurately judge the coming curves and obstacles on the path, and get into actions step-wisely.

Change is a journey; either individually or collectively, it’s important to identify and develop a set of capabilities required to achieve goals at a cognitive, attitudinal, behavioral, technical level. It’s important to have a desire to learn, grow and make progress with scalability; communicate the roadmap and make sure it is flexible and evolves with the company’s long-term perspectives, support and celebrate every emotional step of the change curve and take solid steps in leading progress steadfastly.

It is important to develop an open atmosphere with candid communication, fortify cross-functional coordination based on quality information, expertise, and responsibility. Running an innovative business means that an organization can think “out of the box,” figure out alternative solutions from the outside-in lens, build novel things based on the business needs, and come up with optimal solutions.


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