Saturday, May 27, 2023


Corporate management needs to broaden their investment perspectives, leverage emerging trends, link business strategy to investment goals or business benefit, weave the business “golden thread” for accelerating growth, and harnessing business transformation.

Organizations no matter large or small, all face uncertainty, and frequent disruptions. Different people and organizations have different inner strengths, capacities, and unique strengths. Information can flow frictionlessly and a variety of stakeholders such as employees, vendors, and customers should work cooperatively to generate multilateral business value, lead business growth. 

Companies are gradually opening up to the next practice to enforce change, catalyze growth, harness innovation, and accelerate business transformation.

It is to facilitate brainstorming of creative ideas, new business models to improve organizational growth ability continually: When you are looking at grasping the emerging business opportunities and creating options, business executives not only think about business reality today, but also selectively forget yesterday, and forward-look tomorrow. Talking and actively listening to one another creates excitement which propels good ideas to be formed, sparking possibilities that happen in conversations, developing collective abilities to innovate and catalyze business growth.

The powerful business platforms and collaboration tools provide unprecedented opportunities for businesses to innovate, build coherent processes to expand organizational innovation capacity and increase the probability of innovation success. It’s important to select the right audience, who is able to listen appropriately, learn and quickly absorb and adapt, constructively challenge conventional thinking, stimulate you to seek better answers, but most of all provoke you to listen to fresh ideas, allowing for multidimensional thinking, and value the power of collaboration.

Align the different parts of the business ecosystem to adopt more points of integration with the loosely coupled modular processes, to build up dynamic abilities for organization: Business ecosystem is interdependent and complex, the dynamic organizations need to get away from letting things fall through and start creating “integrated wholes." Most of the enterprise capabilities need to be woven cross-functionally, with all critical building blocks. Loosely structured cross-border interdependencies require a much greater dose of informal elements such as shared corporate values and culture, information flow, common business language, cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills.

At some point in the enterprise evolution, business effectiveness and efficiency are correlated specifically when the organization reaches its capacity. Organizational management should be aware of integration of a single functional capability into a holistic portfolio of abilities across all enterprises. Information technology is “superglue" to integrate all necessary “hard” and “soft” business elements into dynamic ability for business growth and innovation. The crucial business processes need to be reviewed regularly, refined regularly, and are transparent across the business for improving organizational maturity.

It's important to analyze total cost, total value, and total impact of developing a set of unique organizational abilities for business growth
: Organizations have limited resources and budget, many organizations spend most of their resources and budget on “keeping the lights on” without providing differentiated business capabilities to compete for the future. It is critical to understand and examine the whole, analyzing gaps in the context of future need, capability dependency, investment calculation, etc. Actual expenditure should always involve a business case. Cost optimization and investments positively affect business productivity and customer experiences. The focal point is to calculate which business initiatives provide the greatest return, and which would be invested in the future.

Visibility of costs measured against the visibility of quantifiable benefits is a way to show how such efforts contribute to the top business growth and bottom line efficiency improvement. The logical investment scenario helps an organization assess whether the business improvement initiatives are the right investment to be done in the first place, and ensure the expected return on investment, with the goal to solve critical problems, accelerate performance, and drive transformative changes seamlessly.

In today’s world where the global business environment, organizations, and technology are continuing to experience dramatic changes at an accelerated pace. Organizational leaders motivate people to move up to the growth trajectory, move into the area of delegation and mentoring, take reasonable risks, and go beyond their defined roles. Corporate management needs to broaden their investment perspectives, leverage emerging trends, link business strategy to investment goals or business benefit, weave the business “golden thread” for accelerating growth, and harnessing business transformation.


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