Tuesday, May 30, 2023


Innovators define & create their own convention that they live by in comparison to everyone else who just accepts or inherits their convention to live by.

Nowadays, creativity is the most desired professional quality. The most advanced societies are diverse mixtures of peoples who can spark creativity and develop talent. You cannot wait for some “aha moment” to happen, keep curious, always think profoundly, learn fresh knowledge, and acquire new capabilities.

Innovativeness is a state of being quiescent, fluent, transcendental, etc. Being able to engage in the creation of novel ideas or unique insight does include a lot of observations, inquiries, unusual connections, and potential discoveries.

Inner calmness: Creativity often happens at the intersection of consciousness and subconsciousness. If you learn to create an inner space of calmness in the storming mind of thoughts, emotions, sensations, imagination, ideas can come to the mind, insights could be perceived suddenly. Conflicts or unhealthy competitions perhaps stir up irrational thoughts or negative emotions. Make calm inquiries to help find out what is really happening. Continue to see the importance of dealing with tensions by learning how to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger, to achieve inner calmness.

Being quiescent isn’t the same as being compliant, instead, you need to criticize, be objective, without blindly following the conventional wisdom or preconceived opinions. Innovative companies encourage open-mindedness, inclusive workforce, create the right innovation climate to increase opportunities to reach the growth trajectories and reap the fruits of innovation.

Hidden influence: There is no limit to human potential; however, it’s the individual, culture, circumstances, and society that sets a limit on the unlimited influence to advance human society. Discovering the hidden talent inside you is to discover who you are, the genuine self, ensure that your thoughts, voices and actions are in synchronization, with the right spirit.

From an evolutionary perspective, this is what we humans have always done and will continue doing – exploring our minds and physical potential for the latent powers inherent in our species to generate creative energy. It is all about having freedom to explore who they are, what they want to accomplish, that gives immense joy to anyone when it is exercised. Leverage great tools to help people think differently, take creative activities, assess problems and come to solutions in novel ways, and ultimately influence people to become more innovative.

Quiet fluence:
Space and silence are keys to listening from the heart and refreshing the mind with creative energy. If in fact, we can empty the thought, and have less confusion, there comes the knowledge of the universe. There is also the time to calm down and dispassionately analyze and synthesize in order to break things down, and bind things up, reinvent the old, and reimagine the new possibilities. In fact, the quietness of mind comes from self-discipline and abundance of imagination that ensures thoughts followed by thoughts to trigger creativity.

To engage in creative thoughts, we have to go to the natural state of our mind, which is to follow the unique path to a solution. With quiet influence, we are able to keep thoughts flowing frictionlessly and connect dots seamlessly, to create conditions so that the creative potential can manifest, and innovative ideas can be incubated.

Innovators define & create their own convention that they live by in comparison to everyone else who just accepts or inherits their convention to live by. They see things from different angles and connect unusual dots to come up with fresh perspectives and great ideas. This is the non- limiting power of an innovative thinker.


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