Tuesday, May 30, 2023


Forethoughtful organization needs to develop customized innovation principles, methodologies, and practices; leverage effective technologies, tools or methodologies and apply them wisely with the expertise to really add value.

Businesses are different, they have different cultures, different structures; they compete in different markets, they have a different strength and scale to achieve organizational purposes. 

To reinvent business, you need new technology, new processes, new customers, new knowledge, new talent, even a new business model. All that makes them very risky but on the other hand, you will get very great chances and opportunities for radical change and business innovation.

It’s critical to bring a holistic understanding of relationships, connections between related business functions, dynamic ecosystems for growth: The emerging trends bring significant opportunities for companies across vertical sectors to pursue growth through adventurous innovation and methodical revolution. Growth is associated with phases and iterations or other important points and it could be related to progress tracking of how you interact with the environment, deepening understanding of people, businesses, and surroundings, practicing information/knowledge/expert power fluently. It’s important to understand interfaces and interactions associated with complex business, create a cross-disciplined understanding, engenders new perspectives, fresh ideas as part of the process; and building dynamic business competency.

In order to achieve business purposes discover growth opportunities, it’s the importance of understanding how relationships, ecosystems, market dynamics, and the connections between business units, Forward-looking organizations encourage change, search for meaningful business relationships both within these subsystems and between them; and inspire innovation, recognize, filter and deal with great ideas for producing great products and services. By applying holistic approach, monitoring and observing links and feedback systems, business management can become more effective to harness cross-functional relationships and collaboration, increasing the overall business innovation capacity.

It’s important to facilitate creative idea brainstorming , new business models continually, etc, to increase business growth agility:
To disrupt, you must hear the whispers of customers, contexts, inner worlds and outside worlds. Business Modeling is structural and can be both created and changed very quickly. Business leaders should envision the future of the business, identify core competencies, and support the development of the alternative business model to reach the next level of the business growth cycle. They encourage people thinking out-of-the-box, make people feel involved in the design and implementation of radical changes.

Business reinvention needs to base on business’s core capabilities, either through providing new value-added service or product to current customers or exploring the new customer need. Many innovations can arise from combining diverse ideas, developing hybrid structures, building robust business processes, and embedding feedback mechanisms into every aspect of the business.

It’s crucial to achieve situational balanced compromise or trade-off, suggesting implementable solutions to business reinvention: To survive in the fast changing business environment, the toughest part of the strategy management is the trade-offs. The more you can front load and truly define the current state, the easier the business reinvention journey moves ahead. Cross functional communication and collaboration are imperative. You need a more holistic approach for complex problem-solving. There should not be any imbalance between the solution communicated and what the technical team understood it to be.

Rather than try to deal with elements in piece-parts or sequentially, insightful business management keeps the whole of the problem in mind while working on the individual parts, striving for a creative resolution of the tension rather than simply accepting the choice in front of them. Rather than limiting the possible causal relationships to simple, linear, one-way dynamics, they discover the possibility that the causal forces may be multi-directional, and complex. Take business initiatives that can explore emerging opportunities, explore different paths for accelerating business growth and unleashing organizational potentiality.

Forethoughtful organization needs to develop customized innovation principles, methodologies, and practices; leverage effective technologies, tools or methodologies and apply them wisely with the expertise to really add value. They encourage growth, inspire innovation and develop the organizational level of core competencies for reinventing business constantly.


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