Friday, May 19, 2023


Be sure that your customer is getting the best products or services, and that customer experience is consistent, on-brand, relevant and refreshing to improve their loyalty.

A customer doesn't become loyal, just by buying; they become loyal when they have experienced something extraordinary rather than ordinary. Organizations are now experiencing a learning curve as it relates to customer delight. Some basic tenets that need to be considered: Know your customer; value your customer's time; own the customer's problems or issues; provide alternative solutions and increase customer loyalty.

Both retaining a customer and winning a new customer are very important to every business’s survival and thriving: Business world becomes more customer-centric; customer Experience Management is extremely important to a company's existence and growth. It is important for getting people across the organization together on the same page through the journey of customer experience.

It’s crucial to build involvement and make commitment in improving customer experience, and clarify the shared goals surrounding a common vision. Customer experience is effortless, productive, and painless, frictionless to delight people, gain new customers, retain loyal customers and improve the overall customer satisfaction.

Loyalty comes from the products or services producing its intended benefit consistently over time: It is clear that customers do not make the distinction between service, experience. They want to feel confident that they get what they pay for with a commensurate level of purchase fulfillment and that the interaction with vendors is pleasant. There's an expectation of more than just service now, but for the future as well. And there is consistency over time in the delivery of the experience. Customers are also more demanding in their requests, putting pressure on service delivery!

Customer loyalty increases or decreases at every touch point of customer experience. Not only when they walk into your store, interact with your product and speak to your staff, but also when they get in contact via multiple sales channels, impressed on the customization level of purchasing. That's the right path for businesses to take - stay focused on delivering exceptional customer experience every day and at every touch point.

Inclusion = Engagement, Innovation, Retention, Loyalty, and Productivity
: Organizations have grown from looking at diversity & inclusion as a "check-the-box" compliance tool to understanding that having a wide range of opinions and viewpoints contributes directly to the bottom line in terms of productivity and profitability. Even though people have different intentions, cognitive differences, personality traits, working styles, effective inclusion efforts and empathetic communication can bridge innovation gaps and build a complementary team to generate creative results regularly and frequently; increase employees or customer loyalty.

There are different focus areas in customer loyalty and satisfaction, leading the adoption efforts of product and service offerings; driven to increase product and service expansion into other areas as a trusted adviser; having a focus on renewals and churn; capturing a customer's success criteria and producing quality results.

Where revenue matters, retention matters, and loyalty impacts retention. The entire experience journey customers have of corporate brands at each stage needs to be mapped out clearly to be sure that your customer is getting the best products or services, and that customer experience is consistent, on-brand, relevant and refreshing to improve their loyalty.


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