Monday, July 24, 2023


Follow me, follow you; there are times to lead, times to follow…

Follow mind, be open to learning;

our mind has been shaped via-

education, surroundings,

historical events happened in-

our generation, consciously;

inclusive mind is open,

share ideas with-

each other,

let idea flow, freely;

treat different situations with novelty, freshly;

no matter how many times,

we’ve seen it or done it before,

follow trends,

explore possibilities, emerging;

growth mind is-

curious, dynamic,

climb up,

build tall,

learn from each other,

listen to -

diverse viewpoints, continually;

sharpen skills,

refine expertise, fluently.

Follow your gut-feeling,,

do what you feel is right,

be confident;

believe in yourself.

have the right mindset, attitude,

skills, willingness to-

participate in your vision,

keep your imagination flowing, freely;

take chances,

tolerate risks,

whenever you hit a setback,

do not give up,

give in,

too quickly…

Follow me ,

follow you;

there are times to lead,

times to follow;

good followers are -

not just a “yes” man,

mindless order-taker;

silo pragmatist,

follow others, blindly;

they are-

positive, compliant,

support each other, trustfully;

Be an independent thinker,

fearless change agent;

do not follow -

others’ opinion, blindly,

but analyze, synthesize -

all sources of-

information to -

form your own opinions, mindfully;

follow the right guidance,

raise your expectations,

demonstrate competence,

at varying opportunities;

work harder & smarter to-

keep the arc of-

your career path;

life journey on-

an upward road, inspirationally.


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