Thursday, July 13, 2023


Globalization is the key driver that plays a role including many other factors to consider.

Our world has blended value, a variety of people, enriched knowledge and culture heritages. An advanced global society has a huge potential to become a highly innovative ecosystem in which all sorts of components are integrated into global capacity to make a significant impact on societal evolution dynamically. 

However, there are still numerous problems that need to be solved radically in order to accelerate progress and sustain the change effect.

It is important to clarify the difference between local common beliefs and global rules and disciplines: Contemporary world is complex with increased speed, blurred territories. People from different regions, religions, and cultural differences should refine their understanding of common concerned issues into more unified insight. It's not easy to define the "perfect rules" that can be applied holistically to drive business transformation systematically. There is the time to break down the outdated rules, there is the time to bend rules, and there is the time to set new rules in order to innovate global society.

It means that the global business can enact, revise, and discontinue their business rules as they see fit. It’s important to clarify the difference between local rules and global rules, common beliefs and universal wisdom for harmonizing humanity. Establish a common set of global rules to bridge differences, deepen a holistic understanding of the diverse world, and set a directional guide for solving complex problems in a global scope structurally.

Being an effective global innovator needs high levels of open-minded perspectives, interdisciplinary expertise, and cultural flexibility: In a more volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and globally distributed world, both hard science and soft human science bring up the outside-in view for navigating people-centric solutions across the globe. It is important to gain interdisciplinary knowledge and strong cultural cognition, leverage global intellectual/social capital, clarify the common set of global values, and enhance global professionalism.

It’s important to evolve in an ideal world to advanced levels of thinking, knowledge, capacity, and prosperity, to develop potential in a structural way. Global leaders with a growth potential can be more confident, with an innovation-seeking mindset. It requires high level professional capabilities such as judgment, temperament, understanding and empathy. Global innovators play a significant role in setting the common worldwide principles to bridge the difference, facilitate world-wide dialogues for harnessing cross disciplinary collaboration.

Contemporary global professional intelligence is contextual, in order to deal with complex cross-boundary issues smoothly: It is a strategic imperative for today’s business leaders and professionals to become "insightful globalists," broaden the view of global society, and connect interdisciplinary dots across the global scope. They demonstrate intellectual curiosity, knowledge fluency, global insight, and create fresh ideas to co-develop an innovative global society inspirationally. It's important to facilitate enriched conversations for harmonizing the worldwide differences of values, beliefs, philosophies, etc, and build global problem-solving capacities.

Global leaders and professionals are great in making a difference in the global world with an expandable horizon through blurred boundaries or knowledge domains. They have to continue learning, develop global professionalism, share their viewpoint about things or events happening in the surroundings, their perspective of future global society; to go-set a global innovation agenda, and amplify multidimensional influence.

The global society continues to make progress technologically or methodologically. Globalization is the key driver that plays a role including many other factors to consider. Today's global leaders and professionals need to connect interdisciplinary dots across the global scope, embrace the broader view of human society, and lead progressive changes inspirationally.


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