Monday, July 24, 2023


Understand issues from different angles, to reach a higher level of thinking, deal with challenges, recapitulate knowledge quintessential, and abstract ultimate wisdom.

Knowledge, understanding, and wisdom are interrelated terms. Often misunderstanding or poor judgment is the root cause to many problems today. Lack of abstract thinking and profound understanding leads to silo mentality, misinterpretation, division. When dealing with complex circumstances, especially with cross boundary knowledge domain, abstraction intends to bridge differences, capture essence, refine universal wisdom.

Abstract diversity of thoughts to reach a point of agreement: The level of thinking and understanding depend on your ability to categorize, recategorize, how you learn and understand, how deeply you can dive in; how further you can think ahead; whether you can enhance a healthy cycle of “learning-understanding- communicating- influencing”; whether you are able to make cognitive expansion of the thinking box from smaller to bigger; one to many.

Perhaps the more knowledge you gain from different sources, the more necessary you need to abstract your thoughts, integrate different pieces of knowledge, refine fresh insight and articulate your thoughts accurately. When people leave outdated thoughts and standards to seek additional knowledge and experience, they are stepping outside that box to unfamiliar territory, and expanding into a much bigger box or across the boxes. So abstraction is important to gain more universal understanding, develop interdisciplinary knowledge to reach a point of agreement,

Abstract helps to define a very flexible business blueprint, having the abstract components with loose structures: It’s important to perceive the business with both a broader scope of abstraction and an in-depth understanding of its inner-connectivity and interdependence. The abstract layers of the business framework include generalization, reusability, holism. Technically, abstraction is to make things brief. An architect’s mindset is abstract, critical, coherent, and persuasive, for gaining an in-depth understanding of abstraction, harnessing communication effectiveness, improves planning flexibility,

To ensure business as a whole is superior to the sum of pieces, abstraction helps people from different functions close gaps and facilitate mindful conversation to clarify common goals, build business blueprint with abstract components, and make integration process more smoothly. A business landscape is a structural process which can bring greater awareness of intricacies and the systemic value of organizations, processes, people dynamics, resource alignment, cultural quintessential, or technological progress.

Abstract thinking enables people to capture substance from style, grasp the quintessential from fast growing information or knowledge: Knowledge is detailed; insight is abstract; story is detailed, outline is abstract; proposal is detailed, summary is abstract. Abstraction enables us to focus on the most critical things, learn, unlearn, relearn fluently. If your abstraction makes the audience think deeper, bridge subjective and objective perception, you are on the right way to reach the next level of understanding. But if your abstraction makes people get lost, worse than the original version of knowledge, it’s important to analyze further, generalization or specialization, which steps cause confusion; how people’s intention, capability influence upon their interpretation of circumstances differently.

Fresh perspective and novel concepts can be recapitulated into deep insight and abstract wisdom. Improving the level of cognition to abstract essentially. Philosophical principles, laws/community rules, clearly defined guidelines are all good examples of abstractions for leading people to make better judgment as they need to hold on to their common beliefs, and pull in the same directions.

It is the amalgamation of thought, analysis, synthesis, prediction of consequences, enabling people to break down the old knowledge box, apply multidimensional thinking to understand issues from different angles, to reach a higher level of thinking, deal with challenges, recapitulate knowledge quintessential, and abstract ultimate wisdom.


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