Monday, July 17, 2023


Organizational leaders and professionals must be forethoughtful to read business sentiment with clarity, set guidance to drive changes, and encourage innovation.

In face of "VUCA" reality, to clear the path, whether that be the elimination of obstacles, closing the blind spots, breaking down something old, creating something new, organizations need to set the right guidelines, drive continual improvement in order to meet their objectives and stay competitive. 

Having constraints provides the guidance for running a strategic organization by opening up opportunities and providing anchors to explore from, so that the business as a whole can make a big leap and unleash its full potential.

Guide people to shift from the belief that change is "loss" to a belief that change leads to "growth"
: In today's over-complex work environment, change is happening at a more rapid pace. Individuals or organizations with growth potential have to keep reinventing themselves to reach the next level of growth cycle. Growth leads to organizational viability, relevance, and long-term prosperity.

Organizational change cannot be just another thing that needs to be accomplished. It has to be woven into business communication, process, and action of the organization. Leaders need to be constantly sharing their vision, guide people in the right direction, build up confidence for all stakeholders involved, and develop the growth mindset of their people. Their vision must be translated into personal actions from leaders to the rest of the team, and set guidance to improve business coherence.

Our knowledge and instincts guide us to make decisions which have to be discerned, aligned, articulated to meet the needs of the moments or the long term strategically: Most people gather up their energy primarily from their mind. Intuition - is like the inner compass that gives direction to people in making the decisions. The way the mind computes the situations and measures 'how you feel' can be used as a guide to knowing what is good for you. For this inner compass to work correctly, business leaders and professionals should have the right balance of the depth and breadth of the technical and business knowledge.

Someone has increased his/her power of mind, holding the mind steady, not allowing it to get into waves from external or internal causes; controlling the mind perfectly just by the power of thinking. If analysis is like slow logic, intuition is like quick logic; it's an internalized knowledge that has developed through theoretical knowledge, practical experience, which guides the gut feeling so that people intuitively know the right decision for problem-solving.

If there is no guide people will walk but to where? Set your own guidance, and practice, practice, and practice more to spur innovation: It’s important to understand the psychology behind changes. If there is a shouting guide that cannot explain where they go, people refuse to walk. If this standard is internalized, then it should guide behavior. A clear roadmap can also avoid the thorny route as the next challenge.

As an individual, recognize what is best to think and do. Professionals have their own set of guidance to shape their mindset and instruct their behaviors. It’s important to set professional guidance from within, know and comprehend how you can manage emotions and behaviors, being consistent in every aspect: thinking, saying and doing.

Today’s business leaders and professionals must be forethoughtful to read business sentiment with clarity, set guidance to drive changes, and encourage innovation. High performance organizations set clear guidelines, create a context in which people can communicate, collaborate cross-functionally, they are empowered to make collective decisions, and co-solve problems effectively.


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