Sunday, July 23, 2023


It’s important to manage the boundary between the organization and the external world, enforce cross boundary communication and collaboration.

Our global world is forced to "grow out" of an old paradigm with silo patterns, lagging concepts or outdated knowledge, because of constant changes in the physical world, frequent disruptions in reality. 

The digital ecosystem expands when the business territories blur and the business communities broaden their scope and consume all sorts of resources. The ever-changing business dynamic brings significant opportunities and responsibilities for the new breed of worldwide organizations to reinvent themselves constantly.

A global professional with a global mindset develops the potential to make global influence: In this globalized world and market, it has amply been demonstrated that embracing diversity makes sense, for many, many reasons. A visionary globalist can see the world with fresh eyes, open mind, and across boundary interactions to create thresholds of possibilities that can result and expand into innovative advantages. Global mindset is an objective worldview that looks at problems or issues objectively in a broad and deep way that global perception is much closer to the objective reality that the majority of insightful global citizens are experiencing. So a solution emerges through a multicultural and interdisciplinary approach involving global capital.

Global influencers are visionaries, experts, agile learners and diligent practitioners who can facilitate continuous digital dialogues and initiate global conversations that inspire innovation in diverse domains of expertise. Giving people the time to voice opinions or perspectives is a powerful way to demonstrate your respect, harness communication. Business leaders and professionals can develop global cognition, share the well-blended insight from a global lens, develop their expertise and be put in the right positions to solve problems innovatively.

Look at innovation from the perspective of developing global wide innovation capabilities and world class leadership competency: Innovation can happen anywhere across the global ecosystem. A structural global innovation system helps organizations recognize challenges, understand boundaries, deal with constraints, frictions, and bridge a variety of gaps seamlessly. It's critical to connect the right dots, identify hot spots for innovation, build innovation clusters to nurture fresh ideas, manage innovation initiatives and accelerate innovation development cycle.

In order to scale up innovation efforts across the globe, fostering cross boundary global collaboration is the key to creating an innovative organization. It’s important to understand a variety of global dialects, demonstrate cultural empathy and emotional excellence. It’s important to embrace the holistic ecosystem view of innovation development, bridge a variety of gaps, and leverage holistic understanding to improve innovation competency.

It’s important to integrate resilience into processes, systems to reinvent a truly global organization: In today's interdependent global economy with high levels of unpredictability, uncertainty, and unrepeatability, global leaders and professionals build working environments where the global team and virtual team can thrive, they need to leverage variable factors in making sound judgment and solving problems effectively. The business has to keep optimizing its structure and management proactive to achieve the state of business resilience.

Business becomes more complex, risk is part of business reality, you just need to handle it structurally in managing business complexity and improving organizational agility. The level of organizational resilience depends on the interrelationships, interdependence across the organizational hierarchy. Lift up from risk control to risk intelligence, identify the potential business growth opportunities from risk management. Security, risk, compliance, and governance should be converged into a cohesive risk management discipline to improve overall organizational agility.

The digital boundary is not for dividing, but permeable to enable information, ideas, and knowledge flow seamlessly. It’s important to manage the boundary between the organization and the external world, enforce cross boundary communication and collaboration, harness collective innovation, and build a highly mature global organization.


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