Tuesday, July 25, 2023


Quality management needs to be embedded into all management practices; unlock employees’ performance and lead organizational progress seamlessly.

Quality is everyone’s business; touch every important perspective of the business. Business management systems and processes need to be dynamic, iterative, integral, and interactive to make the timely adjustment for improving the quality of management. 

Quality management should focus not only on the quality of products and services but also how to achieve the overall business effectiveness, efficiency, agility, resilience, and maturity.

Quality information means clean, organized, actionable data from which to extract relevant information and insight: Information is growing overwhelmingly. If you are going to be "information-driven," you have to be aware of information quality control and reliability on the methods that you propose to use. You have to listen to the system data from the outside in and bottom up analytically.

Information is also paradoxical- it’s invaluable and confusing; critical and misleading, all depending on its quality as well as how people can use them properly. The quality information characteristics include such as accuracy, accessibility, reliability, consistency, etc. it’s critical to check information management effectiveness. So people can use quality information to make sound judgment coherently.

Quality of experience is very essential to improve customer satisfaction and engage employees to achieve more: Experience, be it bad or good, has a repository of learnings of "do & don't." Employee experience decides how businesses do things, enabling people to build their skillsets; customer experiences win customers’ satisfaction and create corporate brands. Such experiences definitely drive us towards progress personally, socially, and technologically. Experience to tackle new situations under diverse factors is what we should be looking at.

Quality is defined as being suitable for the intended purpose and satisfying customer expectations. You can’t have a consistently great experience without optimized processes and high-mature process management. Experience needs to be defined as the lessons we learn, lifting from experience to education to wisdom. If experience brings wisdom, then there is definite growth. If an experience is repetitive, then there is a limitation. Quality customer experience management is a differentiator for companies. Tear down silos through customer journey mapping, build cross functional involvement and commitment in improving people experience management.

Quality professionalism:
The business environment is full of uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, high professionalism is an important quality for today’s hyper diverse workforce, and it is a foundation to shape growth mindsets, cultivate open-minded leadership, nourish a culture of learning and positive atmosphere with intellectual stimulation, and risk tolerance.

Quality professionals present the right mixture of intelligence, competence, and emotional excellence. It requires engaging all the people involved working together as a team to achieve high performance. It means having the ability to set strong guidance and disciplines for professional practices, think structurally, communicate accurately; solve problems effectively.

The maturity of quality management is about how to excel in refining quality information for making sound judgments, producing quality products or services in a consistent manner, and growing quality professionals for achieving high quality results. Quality management needs to be embedded into all management practices; unlock employees’ performance and lead organizational progress seamlessly.


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