Thursday, July 20, 2023


Real progress demonstrates the evolution of humanity into a more unified, prosperous and peaceful society.

We are on the journey to build a high-innovative organization and advanced society. The world is hyper connected and interdependent. This view of the world has many dimensions, these dimensions interact and influence each other; expressing that interaction as an emergence of a new worldview very different from the previous era.

 Information technology enables companies to leverage their various environments, or ecosystems, to pursue progress and accelerate performance. To survive the fierce competition and thrive with the long-term business advantage involve planning, adjustment, and speed, identify real issues, overcome real obstacles, and make a real impact on advancing human society.

Real issues: It becomes complex if things do interact, particularly in the case of "nonlinear" interaction, you can't separate things properly or you cannot predict the actual effect of interaction straightforwardly. Some problems are the symptom; other issues seem irrational. In order to deal with an unprecedented level of complexity, it’s important to identify real issues underneath. So many business managers focus on the tangibles, but lack an in-depth understanding of the invisible or intangible things that cause deep problems. Too often people take the easy path, fix the symptoms, but the real issue comes back continually.

There are illogical problems; there’s the issue that the same word means different things to different people because they have a cognitive difference. It takes commitment and discipline to stay focused on the real priorities of the business instead of being distracted by what seems to be more urgent on any given day. As one develops full participation at the moment, so does the perceptual envisioning dexterity. It’s crucial to dig into root causes, spend enough time to understand what’s going on underneath, solve real issues and solve them in the right way, with the goal to achieve better outcomes.

Real obstacles can be daunting, yet overcome them, don’t let them cloud your vision: Silo is the obstacle to change; people have perception differences, negative perception of experience is the obstacle to changes; ineffective communication is the real obstacle to changes. Observation should always be the first, and one of the most critical steps in any change. Real observation is not just about seeing, but perceiving, digging underneath, or deepening understanding. Observe your people, Observe your culture - how things get done in the organization, is the process over-complicated, or bureaucracy blocks the way? Real obstacles can be daunting. It’s important to figure out the real causes of changes, and prepare the change for cross-functional communication and cross-project collaboration.

Consider how awesome the synergy of an organization could create, to make people happier, customers delightful and the business as a whole accelerating growth. It is imperative to overcome objections or roadblock by encouraging communication, engaging employees, harnessing partnership, and gaining empathy to ensure long-term business success.

Real impact of making the invisible visible, and then measurable: It comes when companies enforce communication and harness collaboration: There are many stakeholders and their personal agendas etc. There are communication gaps, decision bottlenecks, outdated links, redundant applications, internal politics, which contribute to silo and ineffectiveness. It is imperative to overcome objections by encouraging communication, engaging employees, harnessing partnership, and gaining empathy to make real impact.

Either making a strategic conversation at the big table or having touchy-feely chats with customers, the reality of messages is that they have to be "real. Companies can leverage advanced analytics to gain insight, enforce brand value. The real impact of making the invisible visible, and then measurable, comes when companies find ways to leverage business sentiment to initiate meaningful dialogues, open communication channels up, down, and across the enterprise for leading desired changes.

We all belong to certain societies with the very characteristics such as integrity, fairness, freedom, liberty; a society is an organization that belongs to us and the way to change it depends on individual, group, and collective practices to make the society more advanced, people-centric. Different communities made progress at different speeds. There are learning curves behind each progress. Real progress demonstrates the evolution of humanity into a more unified, prosperous and peaceful society.


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