Friday, July 14, 2023


Progress of the world needs to be pulled together and pushed forward by innovators, change agents across the globe.

Innovation can happen anywhere across the organization and its global ecosystem. In order to scale up innovation efforts across the globe, orchestrate organizational interrelationship by sharing information, bridging gaps, enforcing empathetic communication, brainstorming fresh ideas, creating new knowledge, harnessing cross-boundary collaboration. 

Organizations can be so strong when becoming a real global enterprise with a differentiated set of competency, amplifying its influence on a global ecosystem.

Global innovation is based on insightful leaders’ very intention or effort to connect global dots and advocate innovative solutions in the global scope: Be consciously aware that we all have personal filters, and information could be filtered subjectively Giving people the time to voice opinions or perspectives is a powerful way to demonstrate your respect, build trustful relationships, harness collective innovation.

The best global organizations can do is bring up an impartial perspective, discover hidden clues of complex problems, harness effective communication in networks of global conversations that inspire creativity in diverse domains of expertise. Influential global leaders are in demand to focus on envisioning, convincing, persuasion, and collaboration at the global scope. They bring courage, inspiration, fairness to bridge differences and inspire changes at the global scope.

It’s important to look through the alternative talent pipeline, source candidates in multiple global locations: The shortage of global personnel with necessary skills is the reality. It is important to engage global workforce planning & deployment & development based on performance & potential to develop global talent competency. Talent management at the globe scope can only be achieved via innovative leadership, integrated process, creative & self-driven employees. 

It is very critical for the individual as well as the firm to apply effective workforce analytics tools to understand people, optimize processes, maximize the growth of the employee, and improve the profitability of the firm. Using a blended, integrated approach with a selected set of data-driven tools and analytics capabilities will eventually provide competitive advantages and support of global organization.

A structural global innovation system helps organizations recognize challenges, understand boundaries, deal with constraints, frictions, and bridge a variety of gaps seamlessly: Innovation is a management discipline, with key elements such as leadership, culture, process, technology, talent, to generate great value for businesses thriving. Some additional variables that might merit consideration are the scope, scale, and impact of innovation.

Innovation management does require not just interdisciplinary understanding to connect the dots and see what's possible, but also technical expertise to achieve the "art of possible." Shaping a world-class global organization is all about crossing not only geographical borders but also cultural divides and social sectors to move up toward the trajectory of business growth. It’s important to improve interdisciplinary knowledge proficiency, develop cultural empathy, and have a variety of professional experience dots to connect for spurring innovation.

True global empathy springs from personality, appreciation of diversity of thoughts and spur confluent ideas smoothly. The progress of the world needs to be pulled together and pushed forward by innovators, change agents across the globe. It is a strategic imperative for today’s leaders and professionals to embrace the broader view of global society for shaping a clear vision, and inspire global innovation coherently to generate value to benefit human society.


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