Thursday, July 13, 2023


To awaken innovation in the well-established organization, business leaders and professionals should think as an intrapreneur and act as a startup manager.

Digital is the age of innovation. And innovation is what leads to differentiation. There are many ways to differentiate and, therefore, there are many ways to pursue innovation. 

The purpose of the book “Unpuzzling Innovation - Mastering Innovation Management in a Structural Way“ is to demystify innovation puzzles in a structural way.


Innovation Innovation is a unique business capability to reinvent business, A leading organization with innovation competency can handle innovation streams for different goals and different time frames. It requires the highest risk-taking at a strategic value chain, creating a disciplined, managed space for developing and testing new models, products or services to delight customers.

Innovativegravity Change is increasing its speed; when a new stage emerges in the progression of society, the continued use of the old paradigm, the old-world-view-lens, the narrow-mindsets create ever-increasing problems. A new paradigm arises out of fresh insight and societal interdependence. The deep problem that reveals is to understand what are the evolutionary pathways to enforce progressive changes and value generation. Interdisciplinary practices help the business professionals to not only work in the box but also across the knowledge boxes, in order to approach problems via the multifaceted lens and solve them holistically.

Innovation Innovation is not serendipity, but an interdisciplinary management approach. The evolution of innovation only exists in a more open environment that creates unique insight, and takes advantage of all sources of creativity in an open way. The progress of the world is pushed forward by innovative leaders or professionals who are applying vision, expertise, and techniques, with broadened perspective and deep insight to create the “art of possible.”

Innovation The view of the world has many dimensions, these dimensions interact and mutually influence each other. The root of our differences is in the different perceptions and the lenses we use to perceive the world, with respect to societal progression. Being real is an authentic thing. We need to make a conscious effort to ensure that our words are congruent with our thoughts and actions. That is what gives resonance and credibility. If we are unable to think or act independently; discern what is important beneath the surface or what makes sense adequately in a situation, we are not good enough to make a real influence.

Innovation It is a continuously changing world, the pace of global paradigm shifts is quickening, aggregating to the large-scale of changes quicker than previously. An open business ecosystem has all its dependencies and interconnectivity; if we don't embrace it, accept it, roll with it, or make it happen, we're not able to run an advanced global society.

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