Wednesday, July 12, 2023


The road to change is-bumpy, full of challenges, obstacles can be -either intimidating or invisible ;make you feel- weak, vulnerable..

Nothing stand still,

we all have to -

move forward, ultimately;

if we focus too long,

too much on the past,

we are not prepared to-

react when-

hidden obstacles enter-

our path ahead, unexpectedly.

Obstacles are like-

the icebergs underneath-

the sea,


ships can break them through,

other times they have to -

walk around, carefully.

Obstacles are like -

the roadblocks,

on the journey of progression,

without taking a breath to -

look back,

look forward,

plowing on to -

the next big thing,

changes can leave us -

feeling exhausted, overwhelming;

are you able to -

clear the path to change,

whether that is -

elimination of obstacles,

provide guidance,

the whole of-

all those who participate is -

greater than the sum of its parts.

The road to change is-

bumpy, full of challenges,

obstacles can be -

either intimidating or invisible;

make you feel-

weak, vulnerable;

if you're motivated to-

generate value;

make a difference,

you would have courage to-

overcome them,

move forward, stepwisely.


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