Wednesday, July 26, 2023


Global professionals need the foresight to seek out differentiated solutions to potential development; they can share their viewpoint about things or events happening in the global environment, build a compelling team to influence change progressively.

Nowadays, with increasing pace of changes, fierce competition, overwhelming growth of information, emerging technology trends, etc, today’s organizations are capitalizing and operating on hyper-connected ecosystems that are expanding. People need to keep learning agile, generate value, and drive progressive changes.

Different shareholders get involved in various business activities and play significant roles in catalyzing change and exploring multiple pathways for unlocking potential.

Influence and persuasion begin with trust, to encourage others toward your vision by communicating in depth and breadth, lead progressive changes: There are many ways to influence and there are all different types of influencers. Strong influence is based on a clear-set value, insightful communication and solid actions. It's important to create a space for open dialogue and idea brainstorming, develop a common understanding of business effort, make influence and set motivation for it.

Strong influencers not only put stress on “having the knowledge,” but even more critically, sharing unique insight and developing new knowledge. They are open minded, creative, with the balanced attitude of confidence and humility, to initiate thought-provoking conversations and make consistent influence. Business leaders need to have abilities to “calibrate their impact,” being able to lead through influence, not by brute force, bridge cognitive or knowledge gaps via empathetic communication, and drive collective progress.

It is the responsibility of the business professionals to refine, protect value; monitor, sustain high-reputation: Business value is multi-faceted and it’s interesting to see diverse values in the eye of the beholder. Nowadays, to unleash the full potential of the organization, it’s critical to understand and unlock the total value of people - a total of what the employee brings to a business, now and in the future via multi-dimensional lenses such as quality, innovation, and productivity, etc. If there is value conflict, understand the cause and effect, set good criteria that stakeholders agree with, initiate value-added, progress-oriented activities.

Every staff has responsibility for their own reputation and corporate reputation. Organizational reputation is the overall estimation in which the company is held by its shareholders based on its past, current, or predictive future attitudes and actions. Individuals should be accountable to set the right tones to communicate effectively, corporate managers need to become a strong reputation builder of their organization. But sometimes reputation goes beyond their control. Either individually or in the corporate setting, a good reputation takes time to build, takes coherent effort for sustaining its impact.

It is crucial to seek out fresh knowledge, dig deeper to gain contextual understanding of specific cause and effect in a specific context: Nowadays, no organization can afford to stick to its old ways of problem-solving and continue tolerating ineffective solutions. It takes a holistic approach to solve problems smoothly. It involves every line of people, processes, and resources, to diagnose root causes, deal with complexity, and deal with old issues or emerging problems smoothly. Something more balanced and interpreted is called for, to keep things simple, but not simpler.

In reality, it is easy to look like you are making progress by focusing on the tactical issues. It requires courage and contextual understanding to really tackle what is wrong at the strategic level and make a commitment to enable and sustain changes. It’s important to understand the big picture, remove complexities such as assumptions or dependencies, add clarity and purpose, handle large or small issues smoothly.

Global society is diverse and dynamic; there are lots of things going on globally on a daily basis; every market is a fertile ground for new ideas, fresh knowledge. Global professionals need the foresight to seek out differentiated solutions to potential development; they can share their viewpoint about things or events happening in the global environment, build a compelling team in which all members complement each other’s expertise to influence change progressively.


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