Tuesday, July 11, 2023


Global societal progress is made through the work of progressive and foreseeable leaders and business professionals who can figure out how to trend the future, and capture the great opportunities to unleash collective human potential.

Our co-shared world has a long history, abundant knowledge, and enriched cultural heritage. It's crucial for global organizational leaders and professionals to recognize challenges, be fluent in global insight, understand varying boundaries, deal with constraints, frictions, and bridge the world of differences seamlessly. 

It’s important to establish a common set of global principles to bridge differences, deepen a holistic understanding of the diverse world, and set a directional guide for solving complex problems in a global scope structurally.

It requires fundamentally different mindsets and paradigms when confronting a number of high-complex problems in the hyper-connected world: In multicultural global organizations, people from different regions, religions, and cultures should refine their knowledge into unified insight and holistic perspectives. Global leaders and professionals are more open-minded to new concepts and ideas, not afraid to leverage contrarian views to shape a holistic picture. They can view complex global problems via different lenses, engage with multiple internal and external stakeholders worldwide effectively, learn how to incubate and commercialize ideas more effectively.

Fresh mindsets, updated skills, or integral professional capabilities are needed every day because we live in a time of rapidly changing global dynamic. The key elements that future leaders and professionals in all realms of the global perspectives should acquire to familiarize themselves with multifaceted effects of global changes. They can understand issues from multidimensional perspectives, share their viewpoints of future global society; their roles in making desired changes, bring agility ]across the spectrum of business dynamic and paradox, unify diversified values & beliefs, harmonize differences, and unleash collective human potential.

It’s important to develop an effective global collaboration agenda for making collective progress: The global society becomes bigger and smaller at the same time: it turns to be bigger because information is growing exponentially and ideas or problems are generated on a daily basis overwhelmingly; it turns out to be smaller as people all over the world can use collaboration platforms or tools to communicate and brainstorm. It's critical to connect the right dots, identify hot spots for innovation, and build collaboration hubs to co-solve problems smoothly.

Organizations across the world need to nurture fresh ideas, manage collaboration initiatives and accelerate global business development cycles. It requires them to be willing to listen to diverse viewpoints, broaden the perspective to fix misperceptions, break down outdated knowledge, deepen understanding, take initiatives to advocate inclusiveness, and unleash collective human potential in a structural way. The management needs to encourage doing better pre-work, define key performance indicators and the "success criteria," enable consideration of the range of options, and deal with performance/regulatory/risk issues cautiously. Global leaders can clarify vision and strategy behind initiatives, solve some problems with global context cross disciplines such as innovation, education, sustainability, etc, scale up change effort across boundaries.

It’s important to look through the alternative talent pipeline, source candidates in multiple global locations: It takes the immense amount of time and hard work that most "naturally talented" people have committed to developing their talents. The successful organizations should look at people through both performance and potential lenses, clarify global innovation logic"; build "creative value chain." Global organizations assess their global talent upon their communication accuracy, knowledge fluency, culture empathy, learning agility, resilience, with broadened perspective. So they are able to develop the right climate to grow a natural affinity into a "talent, “ unleash collective potential.

It’s critical to improve learning agility, communication and energy within the teams. Engage global workforce planning & deployment to develop talent competency. It's time to re-imagine global workforce and workplace, Insightful global talent architects build up the business vision with their talent blocks; knowledgeable human engineers navigate the employees’ potentials, coach people to develop professional competence

It’s a global organization of stakeholders that is going to determine whether or not your organization can thrive. Can you bridge gaps, enforce empathetic communication, harness cross-boundary collaboration, and build mutual trust? Global societal progress is made through the work of progressive and foreseeable leaders and business professionals who can figure out how to trend the future, and capture the great opportunities to unleash collective human potential.


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