Friday, July 21, 2023


Being holistic suggests a genuine sense of exploration and innovation or simply creative problem-solving.

The purpose of the book “Digital Hybridity: How to Strike the Right Balance for Digital Paradigm Shift” is to shed some light on how to strike the right balance of stability and changes; being transactional to keep spinning and being transformational to leap forward for making a seamless digital paradigm shift. 

Digital organizations should apply the hybrid management approach, focus on building a diverse, networked, and extended modern working environment in which the powerful digital platforms and computing technologies enable seamless conversations, delayer overly rigid organizational hierarchy, inspire idea sharing and brainstorming, and engage employees and partners to achieve the high-performance result.

             Innate Holism

Initiatives Business paradigm shift is the change, at the level of the business ecosystem, with all different perspectives. Predicting and preparing, dealing with thorny situations, treading tough water, handling paradoxical issues, identifying critical blind spots, etc, are all crucial steps in leading the organization toward the uncertain future confidently.

Initiateholism The shift to digital cuts across industrial sectors, geographical locations and business personal roles, now spreading rapidly to enable organizations of all shapes and sizes to reinvent themselves. The increasingly dispersed nature of organizations and the growing workforce are two factors that break down the traditional hierarchy, harness collaboration both within the enterprise and with external stakeholders.

Initiativesofhybridity People are the focal point of any organizational design and management focus. The goal of building a hybrid organization is to improve performance, increase quality, and delight customers. It is important to break through the industrial constraints and limitations, strike the right balance of old and new, in pursuit of possibilities rather than “keeping the light on” only, to drive innovation and accelerate business transformation.

InitiateHolism Digital disruptions are inevitable, and digital transformation is unstoppable. Organizations shouldn’t just respond to them in a reactive way. To stay competitive, companies must go beyond experimenting with digital, take a holistic approach, commit to transforming themselves into a fully digital business

Initiatives The rate of change has accelerated, hybrid reality is a flexible blend of the physical and virtual world. It indicates that business leaders must learn how to strike a balance between managing the top prioritized business problems today and predicting the uncertain issues of tomorrow.

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