Tuesday, July 11, 2023


Like wisdom tends to come from within; kindness goes with compassion and empathy.

Kindness is a quality to treat others fairly, politely, make sound judgment, tell the truth, demonstrate empathy and sympathy. The true value of kindness is its consistency, to convey a person’s high quality as a human, the high professionalism as an employee; and the true nature as a creature. People need to practice kindness of thinking and behaviors, and spread kindness as the seeds to generate value for benefiting human society.

Real kindness requires a thoughtful mind and good behavior: Being kind is about learning to abide by nature and let the positive dominate the negative. Keep the positive emotions flowing, be value driven, fair, nice, objective. To be fair and kind takes self-awareness, inclusiveness, insightful observation, discernment, tolerance. Being kind is a mindset that has to be put into practice on a daily basis in guiding actions before it becomes natural for some people. If you are not committed to the practice of kindness, kindness is more or less a casual action instead of a way of being.

Kindness can be revealed via enhancing value and virtue:
Kindness is both a human quality and professional traits with very characteristics such as value, work ethic, influence, benevolence, fairness, impartiality, etc. A set of values based on common beliefs, culture, or philosophy often shape people’s behaviors, so value and virtue are correlated. To be fair and kind takes self-awareness, value, inclusiveness, discernment, tolerance, and demonstrates virtue of benevolence. Collectively, if there are no common values "glue" to keep everyone motivated by the collaborative endeavor, virtue cannot be revealed for shaping a better society.

Imagine the possibilities if the citizens of the world committed to kindness as a way of being: Each time we act with kindness, we are also giving a gift to ourselves; that makes us feel good, boosts positive energy, and inspires us to generate value all the ways. It feels good to be kind and to believe our kind actions will make a positive difference. People who are kind to others should receive the merit for acting or doing so consistently. Being kind doesn't mean you can’t make tough decisions or challenge conventional wisdom. As critical thinking helps us become fairer and value driven. it’s the right choice to sow more seeds of kindness for the long term. 

Like wisdom tends to come from within; kindness goes with compassion and empathy. It has to become the state of the mind. It’s always important to connect kindness dots to improve its influence. To create a positive change tomorrow, it needs to start today. The true value of kindness is its consistency, as the nature of intelligent creatures to co-shape a brighter human society.


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