Tuesday, July 25, 2023


It’s crucial to broaden the understanding of discovering the inner-connectivity and interdependence of the business ecosystem while becoming more sensitive and responsive to changes.

Organizations become more complex, interdependent than ever, a dynamic business system needs to be understood through a holistic perspective, and figure out how to produce high performance in the well-structured effort. 

Forward-thinking organizations are in the state of introducing new business concepts, experimenting with something new or exploring better opportunities to develop the business. They are able to balance the key elements impacting change such as people, processes/procedures and build differentiated competency for accelerating business performance.

Rationalizing, modernizing, synergizing is a continuous effort for building an evolving organization to advocate the concept of “business as a whole is superior to the sum of pieces”: Enterprises of the future are increasingly exhibiting the “VUCA” characteristics in various shades and intensity. It’s important to set general management principles for understanding how the “part” interconnects with the ”whole”; engenders new perspectives, enhances a cross-disciplinary management approach to run a holistic business.

The highly effective organization is rationalized, synergized and has a higher level of agility. It’s about seeing interrelationships rather than isolated things, to enforce cross-functional collaboration and ensure the organization as a whole is superior to the sum of its parts. If information can flow to the right people to allow them to make the right decisions at the right time, it can bring better results and improve organizational fluidity. It is important to understand that business development is multifaceted and it takes the effort to boost energy and create business synergy.

Generating common rationale between different perspectives, understanding the interconnectivity between parts and the whole, improving synthetic problem-solving: Organizations solve large or small problems at either strategic or tactical level on a daily basis. So understanding the interconnectivity of systems and relationship dynamics is important for diagnosing the real cause of problems and solving them in a structural way. If analysis is about breaking down the large issue to the smaller pieces; synthesis focuses on answering the “why” and “what for” questions, to figure out the relevance of the past and present for the future desired outcome.

Synthesizing problem-solving looks at the context in which it has happened, and then expands into being a larger picture to deal with larger problems. Business management ponders around: What seems to be the constraints? Which success factors or aspects of the problem seem most critical? Where is the weakest link or the strongest constraint? Synthetic problem-solving has a better chance to solve the real problem with less side effects.

Lighting up the emerging properties (trends, opportunities) to create the business synergy for ensuring that the business as a whole is superior to the sum of pieces: We can't control anything beforehand, let knowledge flow naturally; let ideas click spontaneously; let people do things in their own way. Information is often the very clue on how to run a high performance business. To respond to the emergent business properties and manage risks effectively, make information more “visible” for shareholders, link information management to the multiple business domains within the enterprise and their business partners for prediction and prevention, etc.

Understanding nonlinearity as the very characteristic of the business ecosystem could be at the tipping point for the paradigm shift. It’s about understanding business relationships, market dynamics, and the connections between business units. Be aware of potential pitfalls, embrace emerging properties, create alternatives, focus on managing a portfolio of relevant cross-border strategic synergies, act on the imperative while aiming at its ends. So the business as an organic system grows and evolves with its environment in harmony.

It’s crucial to broaden the understanding of discovering the inner-connectivity and interdependence of the business ecosystem while becoming more sensitive and responsive to changes, and apply interdisciplinary approaches to manage uncertainty, accelerate business growth to reach the next level of business maturity.


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