Friday, July 14, 2023


Only initiatives that support the achievement of those objectives should be implemented successfully.

Organizations take initiatives to change on a daily basis; there are strategic initiatives to build business advantage, and tactical initiatives to keep the lights on.

The science of organizational management is based on the business initiative flavors and scale; it usually takes structural discipline with inter interdisciplinary expertise in implementation, assessment and improvement.

Initiate business dialogues, turn around the tough situations, and enjoy the challenges about dealing with complex issues smoothly: Quite many business initiatives are cross functional practices. Communication becomes a bottleneck that impacts information fluidity and decision effectiveness. Cross boundary communication is much more complicated because there are differences in goals and contexts. There are different types of communication and there are different ways to communicate. Each type of dialogue has its proper use. These contexts can shift. In natural conversation, people can shift these goals and contexts.

It is essential that the person communicating should be equally aware of what he/she wants to communicate, how he/she communicates and ensure that he/she has communicated accurately. Also, ensure that they are using a respectful tone in delivering the messages. Respect in any situation goes a long way in getting your message across, to amplify influence without "lost in translation."

Initiate comprehensive analysis of a complex business ecosystem:
Business world becomes over-complex, organizations are like different switches connected into a hyper connected business ecosystem. You can't separate things properly; you cannot predict the actual effect of interactions straightforwardly. It’s not so effective to use linear logic to understand a highly complex, nonlinear world. Applying techniques of linear mathematics logic to the world very quickly turns out to be ineffective.

A formal business requirements initiative performs enterprise mission and stakeholder needs deep analysis. Without the contextual understanding of complex issues, the blind spots, gaps, and change pitfalls are inevitable. Contextualization enables business management to understand what’s relevant and what’s not. Initiating deep analysis of complex businesses requires navigating across knowledge domains, functional boundaries, geographical territories, or vertical industries to clarify multithread cause-effect, analyze multichoice problem-solving scenarios.

Initiate breakthrough innovation by developing a unique set of capabilities to execute it systematically: Breakthrough innovation is the new s-curve, which mostly requires new technology or gives a new route. However, research identifies that projects that ultimately break new ground frequently are fraught with uncertainty on many dimensions. Thus, breakthrough innovation has bigger risks so most companies don’t want to spend all their resources on radical innovation.

The challenge of leading and managing innovation is an overly conservative approach itself. To manage breakthrough innovation and control risks systematically, the scientific processes should be in place. Innovative leaders need to find great ways to tackle innovation potential lying in an enterprise and to provide the necessary tools to drive innovation, as well as define the right set of measures to evaluate innovation initiatives.

Regardless which flavor of business initiative is, real-time organizations fine-tunes lightweight business processes that allows information and ideas flow frictionlessly, refines them into business value. To manage business initiatives successfully, quality information, effective processes, and logical scenarios are needed to achieve high performance. Organizational leaders define what initiatives they are willing to fund to get there, keep eyes on what matters, identify what generates the most value for the company. Only initiatives that support the achievement of those objectives should be implemented successfully.


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