Saturday, July 15, 2023


Being right in a consistent way is a tough journey. Have the right people to do the right things in the right way at the right timing.

Organizations are on the journey of business transformation which represents the next stage of organizational maturity. Setting the right policies, identifying the right people with the right talent to do the right things in the right way are all important to keep things on the right track and harness business management disciplines. It’s always important to manage business in the right way with the right elements, strategically and systematically to achieve consistent high performance business results.

Right people present the right dose of confidence: Being confident is to have the right dose of ego - no more, no less. As confident people can think independently, express their opinions open-mindedly. They don’t follow others without logical reasoning; they show the good intention to shape a fitting mindsets and skills for driving desired changes.

There’s no such thing as overconfidence, but there’s a thin line between confidence and egotism. Being confident is about having the right dose of ego; allowing one to understand oneself, understand others, strike the right balance of confidence and humility; self-worth and the worth of others. Because true confidence always implies openness to others’ viewpoints, doing things with purpose. Confident people are comfortable to be who they are, although nobody is perfect, but they are progressive to make continuous improvement.

Innovative companies leverage diversity to create the right dose of “productive or innovative conflicts: When different groups of people communicate or collaborate, often conflict is inevitable. How aware are you of what triggers the conflict? How to handle conflicts effectively is the art of management. Conflict management is an integral component of change management. In fact, the right dose of productive or innovative conflicts spark fresh ideas, stimulate creative tensions.

Have cross team member collaboration, especially with senior team members, do deep analysis, take a structural approach to deal with conflicts smoothly. It’s important to build an inclusive team with “conflict-competence,” think, work complementarily, stimulate healthy doses of conflicts and competition, to catalyze innovation continually.

Risk appetite implies a certain business ability to actually measure risk level: The economic turmoil makes all businesses large or small to rethink their risk management strategy and practices. Simply risk control is not enough, organizations need to set the right risk appetite, have the right dose of risk tolerance to improve business resilience.

The efforts on managing risk holistically or in a more integrated fashion are critical for the long run. It's important to set the right dose of risk appetite, accept and own the right risks to achieve competitive advantage by improving controls around key processes, using predictive analytics to increase risk intelligence. A value oriented enterprise risk management approach can integrate people, process, technology seamlessly to improve business risk intelligence.

Forward-looking organizations are tapping the power of information to reimagine the “art of possible” and reach the next level of business maturity. Being right in a consistent way is a tough journey. Have the right people to do the right things in the right way at the right timing. It is possible to achieve the goal, only if the company has clearly identified and communicated what is in scope, what is the purpose of the role, what the context is, what the company vision, mission and values are and convince the team to move in that right direction.


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