Thursday, July 20, 2023


In reality of changes, if you are not moving forward, you’re moving backward, already..

Time is moving forward, constantly,

how capable are we-

able to-

learn from the past;

how much time separates-

"the future," from

"the present,"

what do we mean today,

when we talk about "the future,"


Human society is -

pushed forward by-

advanced minds,

“can-do” spirit, to

convey vision,

advocate progress;

looking at the past too long, inhibits -

forward progress;

because you would not-

be prepared to react,

when potential obstacles enter-

your path ahead, unexpectedly.

Information intends to -

push human society forward,

from the industrial age to-

intelligence era, fluently;

in reality of changes,

if you are not moving forward,

you’re moving backward, already;

intentional human behavior has-

a purpose;

are you willing to-

seek out help,

leverage information,

break down silos,

keep searching for -

emerging opportunities to disrupt,

rather than being disrupted,

stay an inner balance to -

move the world forward, steadfastly?

Change is -

happening at -

a more rapid pace.

deep “common sense” drives-

you forward, instinctively;

what should you do upon it;

can you make-

smooth transition from -

vision to orientation?

The right set of-

beliefs drive-

positive attitudes,

motivate benevolent behaviors,

failure is part of reality,

are you in -

the right direction to-

push things forward, with -

accelerated speed?

could you deal with difficulties,


fail over,

fail forward, resiliently?


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