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It’s not so easy to count on one individual or one team to do innovation, more often than not, it’s a cross-boundary collaboration and needs strategic alliance to amplify its impact.

In face of fierce competition and frequent disruptions, all companies across sectors need to leverage abundant information, emerging technologies, uprising trends, intend to stay at the growth trajectory etc, enforce a healthy business management cycle.

 Every organization is different, every innovation initiative is also unique, there is no” one size fits all” formula to cultivate innovation talent, develop an innovative organization and build differentiated innovation competency.

Organizations should appreciate innovators because they can lift the business out of the stagnation and drive the company toward the next level of the growth cycle: Innovators demonstrate vision, determination, dedication, passion, interdisciplinary expertise, and motivation. In order to be engaged or motivated, employees must believe that everyone has an opportunity to work hard & smart, they are encouraged to think differently, spur innovation, and accelerate performance.

Organizational leaders encourage people to be creative, foster a creative environment in which people can unlock their creativity, and build creative teams that can bring all sorts of strengths and capabilities together to run a highly innovative organization.

Innovators play the odds which involves both opportunities and risks, they need to be courageous to experiment new things, and handle risks effectively: The future is full of uncertainty. Creativity relates to intelligence, empathy, idealism, and unconventional understanding. Brainstorming is the “creative momentum” for making us be aware of the power of inclusion, proactively connecting dots across knowledge domains and variety of experience, and cultures.

Usually innovation investment is costly; it is important to create momentum by getting some quick wins to boost morale, demonstrate values, and sustain innovation effect. Regular feedback is a must and incentives should be comparable to expectations set and engage more people as advocates in building the creative momentum.

Innovators are not just fresh thinkers, but also creative problem-solvers:
Organizations should appreciate innovators because they can shape a bigger box of thinking, connect the dots and make societal impacts. They can ask open questions, discover blind spots or resource bottlenecks, identify the issues behind the scenes. So spot your innovators based on how they think, their intellectual curiosity, their ability to connect the dots, and their learning agility.

Innovation leaders have positive attitude and free spirit to encourage people to think out of the box, go beyond their defined roles, dig underneath the surface, engage employees to solve problems in alternative ways,

Business innovation is bravery practices. Innovation is complex and scalable in the hyperconnected business environment. It’s not so easy to count on one individual or one team to do innovation, more often than not, it’s a cross-boundary collaboration and needs strategic alliance to amplify its impact. It’s important to create a workplace where people want to work, encourage brainstorming, top leaders inspire ideas-sharing and collective insight, look to and listen to information, refreshing it into fresh insight to drive innovation.


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