Sunday, July 16, 2023


Global leaders and professionals should hold on to a strong belief that collective progress leads to societal advancement ultimately.

All human beings are more similar than different. It is possible to set the common global principles to break down silos and bridge the difference. 

Global organizations give people the voices, tools and experiences of how to communicate, initiate continuous dialogues across the world effectively even if they perhaps speak diverse languages, with the goal to build trust across boundaries, harness changes and take co-responsibilities to solve problems smoothly.

It’s important to leverage the digital vision to pull through silos, and reimagine the future of global society boldly: Running a business is an iterative planning-implementing continuum. Imagine yourself rising above that continuum, and look down upon the balance between the two. What you've just done is to raise your consciousness of that balance, and that, in and of itself, makes a world of difference. 

There are both visible and invisible business success factors. There were those inevitable moments when leaders faced open resistance. You need to build up the skill to understand that what was needed in some situations was a combination of “push & pull,” never one without the other, and reinvent the future of global society courageously.

Focusing on interdisciplinarity will force you to confront new ideas, new materials and possibly embrace a new concept that you may have never imagined: In reality, many managers or professionals today still apply silo mindsets to new ways of organizing, creating a multitude of gaps (cognitive gaps, motivational gaps, knowledge/resource gaps, etc,) blocking the way of problem-solving. 

In the global world. People with interdisciplinary expertise or across-industrial experience can stimulate creative energy, deepen their understanding of the issues, and enhance knowledge-transferring innovation. It is imperative to explore different views, apply interdisciplinary knowledge to gain a better understanding of certain problems that may occur and develop a holistic approach to overcome the challenges.

Global leaders and professionals should familiarize themselves with the geopolitical, anthropological, psychological effects of globalization in all realms
: Proactively perceive the multifaceted reality, not reactive seeing. So people are able to and not afraid to change with rapid speed. And once you accept openness, you are able to explore an emerging future with all sorts of changes and risks. 

The possible answer lies in the conscious application of what we know and at the same time, stay focused, reimagine what can be accomplished by increasing the world of knowledge and applying it to what one has imagined. Reimagine, and co-develop an innovative society via an expanded lens; so collective progress leads to continuous societal advancement,

Pace and timing are absolutely critical for change. It takes world-class insight that can connect wider dots to inspire and accelerate the evolution of global society. Global leaders and professionals should hold on to a strong belief that collective progress leads to societal advancement ultimately.


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