Thursday, July 13, 2023


Profundity is important to connect the mind, unify the difference, striking the right balance.

Organizations across the boundary are at a different stage of changes with their own tempo and paces. Avoiding the negative management patterns begins with the belief and understanding behaviors have ripple effects that we all tend to be drawn into situations which encourage us to learn and grow, and ensure the organization as a whole is superior to the sum of its parts.

Organizational leaders and professionals need to think profoundly, deal with a variety of complexity effectively and lead their organizations and our society forward smoothly.

It’s important to recognize hyper-connections and interdependence, gain sufficient knowledge and unique insight: Often in reality, people are constrained by the little box with which they are familiar, get stuck at the level of conventional understanding, explain things based on observation on the surface or linear logic. There are fresh concepts that may be seen by a majority as unconventional, but forward thinking leaders appreciate their value. So it’s no surprise they miss the point of making sound judgment. The silo based traditional management needs to be upgraded to the holistic management approach.

So business leaders and professionals should explore varying situations from different perspectives by asking: What is the problem? Why? Is it the symptoms or the root causes? What seems to be the constraints? Which factors seem most critical to deal with the real issues; where is the weakest link in handling those situations effectively? They have to expand the thinking box to reframe the circumstances or conditions around a problem, observe deeper, see around the corner, and apply nonlinear logic to solve it innovatively. Radical change is about the future; it’s about innovation, it's about progress, and it's about irrefutable values and laws that help our society become more advanced.

Involves both induction and deduction continuum, and brings insight into different situations: Organizations have varying circumstances, diverse stakeholders, everybody involved with the process thinks they know how it works and where the issues are, but putting independent eyes upon it almost always ends up painting a somewhat different picture. To deal with varying issues and circumstances with uncertainty, it’s important to take a nonlinear logical approach to analyze, synthesize, make objective perceptions, connect unusual dots, and search for fresh insight constantly.

To predict is to control and to co-develop the future for running a better business. Forward- thinking leaders and professionals accept responsibility for others, model values by example, develop the team through empathy. It’s important to do information based investigation or any attempt at understanding the business context, think structurally and inclusively, comprehend dynamic; do induction or deduction analysis for effective problem-solving.

It's important to navigate levels of abstract logic to enhance a holistic management discipline: Abstract thinking enables an optimized view to perceive “simplicity.” Simplicity is an aspect of “appropriate” abstraction. Exploring abstract logic advocates generalization and unification, breaks through the industrial constraints and limitations in pursuit of possibilities. Lets people develop their own version of a compelling story to navigate though the journey of changes. It is evolutionary to shift from inside-out traditional management style to outside-in and people-centric themes, focus on customer delight and create business synergy.

Business transformation involves internalization of the defined values, culture, and conceptual model. It is important to have a heterogeneous group setting and let people view an idea from different perspectives, brainstorm diverse thoughts and ideas, apply multiple thinking techniques such as temporal, abstract, holistic understanding etc. The newly established behaviors will be in harmony with the internalized values. When in-depth thoughts and understanding transcend into wisdom, the good solution to a specific problem can be scaled and applied to other domains. Organization as a whole is superior to the sum of pieces.

Profundity is important to connect the mind, unify the difference, striking the right balance - being confident and humble; passionate and cool-headed; hard-working and effortless, self-worth and the worth of others. Being profound means to be able to think independently with the capability to make sound judgments. Individuals are clear about their responsibility; flexible to take alternative paths; thoughtful to handle tough issues step-wisely; forethoughtful to prevent risks or avoid pitfalls on the way.


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