Wednesday, May 3, 2023


It’s important for people to discover their inner self, develop multidimensional thinking, hybrid skills, or ambidextrous capabilities, growing talent holistically.

very person or organization has a story: a set of beliefs, values, myths, histories, and judgments about the inner world of work, and the external environment around them. The world we see is dependent on the lens of proximity, the openness of mind and the perception of eyes. 

Some perceive the world as black and white, others see the full spectrum of color. It further reflects into our inner world, to shape our viewpoints, make discernment, and influence the surrounding distinctively.

It's interesting to know how to listen to your inner voice and decide promptly: People are intelligent creatures, they also have gut-feelings, like the inner compass that gives direction to people in making the decisions. Are they able to listen to the inner voice, and create some space for realigning what is important to them? To step away from the normal noises and let your inner voice speak out. Gut feeling and other implicit cognition are very good at prediction about who they are, and how they make decisions as long as the environment is highly predictable and stable.

Sometimes people have a tendency to look for the information that confirms the decision they already want to make and disregard what speaks against it. For their inner compass to work correctly, they should have the right balance of the depth and breadth of technical and business knowledge; listen to the inner voice: what do they value; what’s the goal or purpose? How to balance out the biases from which the poor decisions are made? So they can think independently; act authentically, decide intuitively and initiate changes motivationally.

Inner and outer self is the struggle between what we know as reality and what we feel as our connection to the wholeness within: Knowledge professionals think, create, and self-actualize by discovering their inner self, architecting themselves, refining their talent, experimenting with new things and exploring the art of possibility. They sense themselves and that's all they need to let their thoughts and behavior work to keep motivated. Assessing a person’s motivational potential is how well he/she can adapt to personal drive and focus on performing well in new and changing contexts.

The inner wholeness is a constant which relates to universal knowledge, but each of us has to find this constant for ourselves. We can help each other as it is the same truth for all of us but to consume truths requires letting go of reality, or setting aside the climate while we deliberate. Professionals as people do something because they enjoy or want to, not just for economical value, but for the benefits it produces, the progress it achieves, and the satisfaction it gives them- the wholeness of self or the purpose of life; keep recreating themselves constantly.

It is important to strike a dynamic balance between the inner and outer elements in leading changes:
Intension is people’s inner drive to do certain things and achieve more. Our intention to change is to generate value and make a better future. It’s the inner feeling and a persistent attitude about “we can do better than before,” inspire people to learn constantly, capture fresh insight towards the future, and lead change proactively. In fact, how we behave as individuals in regard to our inner world is just as important and even more important than how we behave in regard to our outer world.

To be conscious of progress we need to make, it is to be aware and engaged with both the inner world of thought, feeling, and the exterior world of experience and relationship to make choices or take actions. Too often people take the easy path, without spending enough time to understand what’s going on underneath, the cause and effect of problems. To succeed, businesses need a unified “one sight” focus for driving change, but understand both inner and outer elements in leading changes smoothly.

It’s important for people to discover their inner self, develop multidimensional thinking, hybrid skills, or ambidextrous capabilities, growing talent holistically. Organizational leaders and professionals today need to listen to inner voices, demonstrate the tough character, hard & soft skill sets, as well as a set of core professional competencies to make wise choice, lead progress smoothly.


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