Monday, May 8, 2023


Great companies cultivate more influencers who can communicate persuasively, lead changes, and renew fresh energy.

The organization has increasingly become more complicated in the global scope and complex in the process and structure. It requires business leaders and professionals with interdisciplinary expertise to handle critical issues, lead transformative changes.

 In order to make a profound influence, they must demonstrate high levels of understanding, fluent knowledge and expertise, innovative competency, and constant practices. So organizations can reach the next level of growth trajectory smoothly.

Influence how people think, communicate, behave: People interact with the world, their mind perceives what they experience. Perception is based on one’s thought processes which are influenced by one's cognitive understanding, knowledge level, and wisdom. They take responsibility for their own sphere of influence. It’s important to consciously limit the influence of their own biases; be objective, gain a different view, be insightful about certain topics or problems that may occur. So they are able to make a profound influence.

Innovative influencers stimulate imagination, and spark creativity; Influence how people think, communicate, and behave. They are inspirational visionaries, experts, practitioners who can facilitate continuous information-based dialogues and initiate broader conversations that inspire creativity in diverse knowledge domains. They ask insightful questions and provide insights to come up with the strategies, solutions, and practices. They are good at identifying and articulating paradigm shifts, setting trends and creating momentum.

Influence across the organizational hierarchy: The organizational environment is full of uncertainty and ambiguity. Unfortunately, many business managers today lose focus of their vision and get stuck at the “keeping the lights on,” and “only take care of the immediate problems” mentality. Organizational influencers provide a big picture type of guidance; pull cross-functional teams in the right direction, harness communication to improve business competency, make influence upon business strategy, culture, and performance significantly.

Often we cannot control intuition but we can make an influence. It is the practice that has the necessary abilities to engage with the extant flow of change in the organization and influence its 'trajectory' at the moment. What are the things that should be done to be able to establish and maintain effective formal and informal conversations with business influencers? Organizational influencers transmit energy to a variety of people, work with the right mindsets to create an inclusive organization with every dip in the business cycle, and accelerate business growth and innovation.

Influence organizational ecosystem: The organization has become "unconscious" because it is no longer responding to the external environment. The power of influence has many dimensions and depends on a number of factors, from making influence in a certain domain to cross interdisciplinary boundaries. How they influence is dependent on the active coping mechanisms that organizations use to survive and thrive in a given set of conditions.

To effectively respond to the new dynamic and influence its ecosystem environment, the organizations need to awaken the ecosystem consciousness, start thinking about ways for increasing agility, and become highly responsive and innovative. Corporate leaders today must be conscious of the unknown, be fluent with a variety of conversations, be alert to identify blind spots, influence and orchestrate an ever-evolving business ecosystem, to create paradigm shifts.

Overall speaking, forward-looking organizations will always be seeking and embracing the influences beyond their own company; great companies cultivate more influencers who can communicate persuasively, lead changes, and renew fresh energy. Organizations will be organically developed, iterating and empowered to get things done resourcefully; ride learning curves and expand their ecosystem via deliberate planning. make progress impressively.


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